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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sleepy joe

Ah this song exactly suits me these days-
"Rise and shine, sleepy Joe
Now's the time, don't you know
To get into a new kind of dream
You've been living alone
With no Bell telephone

And you don't have a shirt that is clean
You can rest your head
On the corner of your bed
You can watch the world go by
But you never gonna see
What the other people see
If youґre always gonna be a sleepy joe.

Rise and shine, sleepy Joe
There are places to go
There are windows to clean on the way
You've got nothing to lose,
But the shine on your shoes
Do the best things you can every day.
You can get upset, at the way the people get
You can turn your back on the crowd
But you never gonna see
What is absolutely real
If you're always gonna be a sleepy Joe."

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Your absence too...

There are these some times every season,
when I miss you terribly...
And there are these other times, 
when I'm just angry.

Your absence too,
like your presence,
has its own ways of making itself felt.
Ways, we could have never thought of.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Yes you were a snowflake. 
And calm.
Yes you were a snowflake.
For I could feel you, with my palm.
And then,
Like a snowflake,
 you melt away.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

That small building on the mountains..

Dear Man,
Here lie the remnants of that small building you once built.
I just came back to this place today, to collect some of them.

Here it stood.
Small, but strong and beautiful.
You had built it with passion and love.
decorated its walls, painted its windows.
The sunlight from those hills would touch it each dawn
and it sparkled, smiled, gleamed.
The mountains smiled back.

If only you could take off your glasses and see,
those cracks could have been mended.
For you were the one who had once said-
that "time heals all"
I thought you needed time
to feel those cracks and mend them.
That architect in you I had known.

Yes you came back again.
I thought you were to show me, 
that our building still stood firm.
for those cracks had been healing,
dissolving in time.

But, I found you had buldozed the building.
and built there a multiplex.
May be it will give you more comfort.

These mountains out here,
they still stand testimony
 of both the creation
and death.

What do I do with these remnants now?
These remnants of that small building
That small building on the mountains
you once built.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Be my companion tonight.
No. Not because tonight,
I need to talk, to speak, to cry.
But because from tonight
I somehow need you to survive.
Yes I.

Don't leave me alone tonight
don't you go away.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Creation and God.

...sometimes search itself
becomes some destination.
creation creates 
God smiles.
...and then one day humanity hope and belief
are made into meaningless lifeless objects
creation destroys
God smiles.

may you know one day.
what you chose for your comfort
will stay with you in this life.
may it stay.
what you left, was real.
so it will die with someone silently, calm
to be born in a next life
a next world.
but from you forever away.
but from you forever away.


(p.s: as i write this, a song stirs me up
a song really close)
"Qadam badha le;Hadon ko mita le,
Aaja khaalipan mein, Pi ka ghar tera.
Tere bin khaali aaja khaalipan mein"

(may you fill this void, the abode of your Beloved.
Its empty without you, come fill this void.)
"Tu hai mujh mein samaaya;Kahaan leke mujhe aaya.
Main hoon tujh mein samaaya
Tere peeche chala aaya,
Tere hi main ik saaya."
(You live within me, and now,
where have You brought me?
I live in You,
I have only followed You,
I am but Your shadow.)

Creation seeks answers.
God smiles.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

No court to appeal

It is not that it died.
I know it had to.
For everything everyone has to one day.
Death is the truth which sustains life itself.

But that, it died so soon.
But that You killed it.
But that, I was away unaware when You did.
But that I had faith in it, faith that it would live.
Live more.

But that You killed it.
And I know no court to appeal.

Monday, April 28, 2014

To this morning...

एक सुबह है यहाँ ,
इसमें आवाज़ है, क्या सुनी है?
ये आवाज़ एक हर जगह.... 

ओस से भीगती इन पत्तियों में ,
ये जो आवाज़ है।  
इन पक्षियों की सुबह की उड़ानों में,
ये जो एहसास है। 
एक सूरज निकलने लगा है,
तारे सभी, घुल रहे व्योम में
देखो सारी दिशाएँ मिलाने लगा, आसमाँ  है.… 
एक ठंडी हवा, छू रही है मुझे,
क्या तुझे भी अभी,
इस तरह से  कभी,
 इसने छुआ है ?

क्यों धुआं हैं यहाँ ?
क्या हुआ है यहां?
क्या मेरा आसमाँ, मुझसे नाराज़ है?
क्या ये मेरी ज़मीं, मुझसे नासाज़  है?
मै इसी का तो हूँ,
इसमें खो जाऊंगा... 
इसका हो जाऊंगा। 

आसमाँ जब मिलेगा धरा से,
कुछ बारिशों में कहीं,
हाँ इसी का तो हूँ ,
मै बरस जाऊँगा 
तुझमें बस जाऊँगा। 

तुझमें सो जाऊँगा 
तेरा हो जाऊँगा। 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The grave of custom

I do not believe in angels.
What exist here are just 'Men'
Men who care 
for their families, their caste, their community, their kin.
Men who will sacrifice themselves and someone else too
to the grave of custom;
is that not still a sin?

Men who will bow down to the bondages
that have permeated from history's dome
Men who will go to far away rallies clamouring for change
but will not begin from home,
But will not begin from home.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Roshni - Fireflies

रास्तों में कहीं रौशनी मिल गयी 
मंज़िलों तक मेरे साथ चलना मगर। 

रौशनी  ने कहा , भोर नज़दीक  है ;
मैंने  उससे  कहा  और सब ठीक  है;
ढूंढ  ला  तू कहीं  से  वो  जुगनू  मेरा … 
जो जानता था मेरे साथ जगना  मगर। 

जुगनुओं  को  बुझते  जलते देखना 
वायदों  को पिघलते  हुए देखना। 
और मुझे धुप छाओं  के  इस खेल  में ;
गिरते  उठते  संभलते  हुए देखना।

हाँ सवेरे से  जब रात हो जायेगी,
इस ज़मीं की हर इक चीज़ सो जाएगी,
देर तक जागते मेरे दो नैन में;  
एक अधूरा सा बन ख्वाब जलना मगर। 

रास्तों में कहीं रौशनी मिल गयी 
मंज़िलों तक मेरे साथ चलना मगर। 

Monday, April 14, 2014

where the roads can't...

I know them, I remember, I sigh.
They speak, they shout, they cry.
They ask me why?

They do not belong to me now,
no matter how much I want.
I sit down by this river,
and look at these waters
May be,

Sunday, April 6, 2014

What of I?

You wanted to play with fire
what if that one simple feeling gets finished?
what if the fire within You is extinguished?
what if some dreams unspoken die?
yes You chose and so You win;
but what of I?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nadan parinda

वो भोर कहाँ, जिसमें ये मन जुड़ जाते थे दो धागे से 
वो शाम कहाँ, जिसमें सूरज उगता था तेरे माथे से 
मैंने इस जग में रब ढूंढा था
तेरे रग रग में रब ढूंढा था 
पर इंसा में कहाँ था रब को मिल जाना।

 रब धरती है ,किसी का अम्बर  है  
ईसा है तो कहीं पैगम्बर है  
राहों में चलते मिल जाए;
बादल सा नभ पे घिर जाए ;

मैंने जगमग जग भी देख  लिया
मैंने अम्बर तक भी देख लिया 
अब थककर राह पे बैठा हूँ; 
रब तू है कहाँ, रब तू है कहाँ 

नहीं अब मै घर नहीं जाऊँगा। 
अब ढूंढ तुझे नहीं पाउंगा।
अब थककर राह पे बैठा हूँ। 
रब तू है कहाँ, रब तू है जहाँ  … 
अब ढूंढ मुझे; अपना ले बना 
मैं एक नादान परिंदा भटका सा 
नादान परिंदा भटका सा। 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


रास्तों में कहीं रौशनी मिल गयी 
मंज़िलों तक मेरे साथ चलना मगर। 
मौसमों को बदलते हुए देखना,
भोर को सांझ में ढलते देखना,
 और मुझे आसमां और ज़मी के दरमियां 
 सूखे पत्तों पे चलते हुए देखना। 

हाँ सवेरे से  जब रात हो जायेगी,
इस ज़मीं की हर इक चीज़ सो जाएगी,
देर तक जागते मेरे दो नैन में;  
एक अधूरा सा बन ख्वाब जलना मगर। 

रास्तों में कहीं रौशनी मिल गयी 
मंज़िलों तक मेरे साथ चलना मगर। 

Thursday, January 16, 2014


All I need right now,
is if these travails could cease;
All I need right now,
 is some peace;
All I need right now,
is a place to rest;