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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Once upon a time.

Once upon a time.
these continents had become one.
then they began to crack and drift apart.

Separated in time.
they still wander.
across this globe, 
longing to unite, then again part.

So, when You and I collide again someday.
There is going to be an earthquake.
A part of us would sink and melt into memories again.
And the other, like new islands and mountains of hope will rise.
What decays, has to rise one day.
photograph borrowed from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/414401603182924696/


  1. What a brilliant Analogy...Love it!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes. It may change its form sometimes, but it must live.

    2. So true... hope lives on... in some form or the other and it must always....

  3. Quite a lovely analogy indeed, Gazal :)

    The prompt to write at most 33 words though :P

    1. Thanks Vinay. Yes I realised that. But my pen was craving for more of the paper. And I could just not refuse... :)

  4. Oh, I rather like this!

  5. Such beautiful analogy. Drifting like continents and later coming together to produce earthquakes, islands and mountains is truly very imaginative and the lines produce excellent word pictures.

    Your words WHAT DECAYS HAS TO RISE ONE DAY is very thought provoking.

    Best wishes

  6. this is so beautiful! i love the thought :)

  7. Awesome mam!!
    Please try to suggest some tips also on blog. I WILL BE THANKFUL TO U

  8. Once upon a time beyond the imagination of any living soul.
    A giant space rock smashed the hell out of Earth.
    It came out of nowhere.
    The Earth wanted to get rid of its grip but this thing held its hands so firm.
    It broke all physical barriers and since then....they are spinning, wobbling and dancing together as the soulmates in this entire cosmos.
    Once upon a time...there came a moon in the life of our beloved Earth.