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Friday, August 26, 2016

To everything unknown.

What have you been looking for?
- all this long -
- all along -
And stories connect. And songs collide.
We all need those words and silence
to walk with us, just beside.
- in our journeys long -
- all along -

I believe you will 'find' me there.
between fear and love.
between right and wrong.
- all along -
I have been walking 
in this everything unknown,
with my music, with my song.
- all along -

photograph- Clicked by me @ train journey

Monday, August 1, 2016

The song of the missing words.

I wondered-
" why he never talked,
all this time 
- in laughter - 
- or in cries. -"

May be he just waits. 
for his season. 
For I had seen 'spring' in those eyes.

And I had seen
- swimming -
- brimming -
- coming - 
in those crystalline eyes. 
Photography- One of my garden clicks.