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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Diminishing volumes of the rising mountain.

Sometimes, some words become a trigger to more words, thoughts to more thoughts, volitions to more volitions. 
I am thankful to a blog friend, for one such trigger. In a recent beautiful verse, Susan triggered this very poignant question-
"What are we to the atom “earth”?  How vast is
the space between particles in our mystery?"
And so are from my ink
more thoughts from thoughts,
more words from words,
more volitions from volitions...

Diminishing volumes of the rising mountain.

We are
the reason the atom spins
a reason produced from its spinning.
We make it
stable or unstable
cold or warm
clearer or hazy.

We are
the particles
of our own mystery
measuring spaces
what was and what is,
what is and what should be.

And like particles we oscillate
between dream and fear
between here and there.

we resolve
the mystery
of the particles
which give us mass.
we destroy, disintegrate, diminish
our volume
when we kill, burn, wreck
or just ignore
our present and our past.

Our volume diminishing
and mass multiplying with layers and cloaks,
our density increases.
Hence, our hearts are heavy today with achings.
Are we not turning cold?
But cold air sinks.

Is that why we are sinking?
as a species.

We are becoming 
a diminishing mountain
a drying lake
a barren desert
a psychotic prancer.

We are becoming
the space
between the particles
of our mystery, forgetting
that we were supposed to be
its answer.


  1. This is as complex and beautiful as a DNA strand - all culminating in that last verse which simply made me think 'yes'

    1. Thank you:)
      I liked the word 'dna strand'. It took the physics of the atom to biology.. :)

  2. you've truly taken this prompt to a lofty height Gazal...a fantastic write...

  3. This is a very deep poem, which echoes within the reader. I especially like your two powerful closing stanzas. So we'll written.

  4. Beautiful! I got lost in the contemplation of the depth of your words!

  5. Bravo! I am breathless because of your intelligence. Awed by such thoughts from thoughts, such words from words and such an original from an original.

    1. Thank you so much James for your appreciation.

  6. Wow! Cosmic thoughts and a deep philosophical slant to this beautiful piece, Gazal!

  7. wooaahhh...beautifully written dear :)

  8. Words flowing like a river... Mesmerising....

  9. Words flowing like a river... Mesmerising....