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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The law of everything.

" तू क्या ढूंढता है ? तू क्या जानता है ?
तू किन कायदों को, लिखा मानता है ? 
 रुका तू कहाँ है ? बुझा तू कहाँ है ?
तेरी आग तो तेरे अंदर कहीं है । 
तू सैलाब भी है,बस समंदर नहीं है । 
जो उठ जाए खुद में,तो किनारों को तोड़े ।
या पिघलाए धरती और पहाड़ों को मोड़े ।
वो संगीत तेरा,तुझी में तो है बस
चल अब देखतें हैं,
इसे कौन,कब,कैसे पहचानता है । 

There is a law of everything.
But then, do you know?
Have you cared to wonder,
who writes it?
There is gold and fire in every being here.
But then, its all about
- when -
- who -
ignites it.

Photography: https://www.instagram.com/p/BITC09dBonM/?taken-by=gazalbharadwaj

Friday, July 8, 2016

That innocence you think you lost.

" तेरी पलकों पे बैठा हुआ हूँ। 
तुझमें बचपन - सा रहता रहा हूँ। 
और तू पूछता है, कहाँ हूँ  ? "
If only you could take off your glasses,
You would find me flicker, dancing on your delicate eyelashes.
If only you could let go of those masks,
you would find me rise from inside you, from ashes.
Let me flicker, 
let me rise, 
let me dance.

P.S. - We seem to have lost it, dropped it somewhere. Stuck in hectic city lives, we  keep searching the premises of our own innocence, thinking that we left it back somewhere disowned, at some place..

Friday, July 1, 2016

The unfinished stories we encounter...

... like a hundred lights dancing on his lashes
had a hundred stories to tell,
with a hundred pauses flickering
between his light and his darkness
I wondered where that 'real him' dwelled.
And I could not tell
which light was his true light
That story I happened to collide with that eve
remains an unfinished painting till this night.

तू क्या हारकर, जीतने को चला है?
तू  क्या जीत कर, आज फिर लड़ रहा है?

  - तेरी जीत क्या है?  -
  - तेरी हार क्या है?  -
तेरी कोशिशों का
तेरी बंदिशों का
तेरे फैसलों का
तेरे हौंसलो का
  - आधार क्या है? -