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Sunday, July 6, 2014

That small building on the mountains..

Dear Man,
Here lie the remnants of that small building you once built.
I just came back to this place today, to collect some of them.

Here it stood.
Small, but strong and beautiful.
You had built it with passion and love.
decorated its walls, painted its windows.
The sunlight from those hills would touch it each dawn
and it sparkled, smiled, gleamed.
The mountains smiled back.

If only you could take off your glasses and see,
those cracks could have been mended.
For you were the one who had once said-
that "time heals all"
I thought you needed time
to feel those cracks and mend them.
That architect in you I had known.

Yes you came back again.
I thought you were to show me, 
that our building still stood firm.
for those cracks had been healing,
dissolving in time.

But, I found you had buldozed the building.
and built there a multiplex.
May be it will give you more comfort.

These mountains out here,
they still stand testimony
 of both the creation
and death.

What do I do with these remnants now?
These remnants of that small building
That small building on the mountains
you once built.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Be my companion tonight.
No. Not because tonight,
I need to talk, to speak, to cry.
But because from tonight
I somehow need you to survive.
Yes I.

Don't leave me alone tonight
don't you go away.