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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sleepy joe

Ah this song exactly suits me these days-
"Rise and shine, sleepy Joe
Now's the time, don't you know
To get into a new kind of dream
You've been living alone
With no Bell telephone

And you don't have a shirt that is clean
You can rest your head
On the corner of your bed
You can watch the world go by
But you never gonna see
What the other people see
If youґre always gonna be a sleepy joe.

Rise and shine, sleepy Joe
There are places to go
There are windows to clean on the way
You've got nothing to lose,
But the shine on your shoes
Do the best things you can every day.
You can get upset, at the way the people get
You can turn your back on the crowd
But you never gonna see
What is absolutely real
If you're always gonna be a sleepy Joe."