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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December songs - Stories you carry within...

जाएगा भी तो कहाँ 
तू ये कारवाँ छोड़कर ?
तू ये कहानी लिए ,
बैठा है किस मोड़ पर ?

पलकों पर तेरी 
- जल रही है -
हाथों पर तेरे 
-बदल रही है -

Photograph clicked at: Lbsnaa, Musoorie, India

Monday, December 26, 2016

December songs- Alehda

इन आसमानों तले, इक पल अलहदा -सा है। 
ऊँचे पहाड़ों में इक ,छोटे से घरौंदे में छुपा ,
चुप -चाप  रहता -सा है। 
सर्दी की हर इक सुबह , में हर जमीं ओस की
- कहानी -
कागज़ पे कहता -सा है। 
इन आसमानों तले , इक पल अलहदा -सा है। 
कांगड़ी की आँच में , जल रहे कुछ 
- कांच के लफ़्ज़ों को -
- लाक के हर्फ़ों को -
- नगमों को -
- वादों को -
- धागों को -
खुद में संजोये भी है ,फिर क्यों यहाँ  ढूंढता 
हर रोज़ रहता -सा है ?
फिर क्यों यहाँ  ढूंढता ,हर रोज़ रहता -सा है ?
इन आसमानों तले , इक पल अलहदा -सा है। 

Alehda- In urdu means separated
Picture: Clicked at George Everest, Musoorie, India

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The falling.

Falling apart.
But if you can know,
- To rise -           
is a part of
This is what
shall set you apart.

Falling. I am.
- light -     falling through glass.
- sand -      falling in this hourglass.
Measure me,
- time -      and tuck me away
              with you

Will you? Please.

Picture: clicked at Dalai hill, Musoorie

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The staircase and the crossing.

What alphabet? What rhythm? What song?
What did HE
- whisper -
to HER ?

HE said : 
" Let not
- curve - 
- warp - 
- rewind -
in those two beautiful eyes
just to plead

Two eyes just collided.
Two lives just crossed.
The staircase smiled.

Picture: taken at Lbsnaa, Musoorie.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Who has known the iron flowing in your blood?

It takes time to settle in
A giant accelerating machine.
Pouring numbness.
Over my pervasive being.

Do you know?
Have you cared to notice?
How does it feel
Being judged.
All the time.
Like you were all but a symbol.
Just to be seen.
But never to be
- reached -
- deciphered -
- absorbed -

Amidst all this
Why do you still search for
Those limpid eyes
With that fire, that light
 - which burns you -
 -  Which burns in you -

Amidst all this
Why do you still search for
That one deep voice
- like galaxies colliding in your mind -
- like atoms spinning in your eardrums -

Amidst all this.
Why do you still search for
That one gentle touch
Which knows
- the music curling on your fingers -
- the colours spinning in your eyes -
- the blood throbbing in your veins -
- and the IRON flowing in your blood -

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Somewhere in these hills.

Don't go tonight.
I only want to give you back
what you gave me that day.
A little of my love.
A little more of my truth.
And all of my light.

Just don't go tonight.