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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Long time ago in Bethlehem
so the Holy Bible say
Mary's Boy Child, Jesus Christ
Was born on Christmas Day
Hark, now hear the angels sing
"New King's born today
And man will live forevermore
Because of Christmas Day."

Now Joseph and his wife Mary
Came to Bethlehem that night
They found no place to bear her Child
Not a single room was in sight
By and by they found a little nook
In a stable all forlorn
And in a manger cold and dark
Mary's little Boy Child was born
Trumpets sound and angels sing
Listen to what they say
That man will live forevermore
Because of Christmas Day.

I grew celebrating christmas each year at school. Those winter mornings, prayers, carols, christmas decorations and feasts... all became a part of me. But little did I know about them then. As a child I always thought that all GOOD children are sent gifts by God on christmas. And I would at times wonder why God would not send me a christmas gift. What was being GOOD? I would wonder.... And then I kept growing, kept searching what GOODNESS was, what CHRISTMAS was.....

I'm twenty two today. And all these years kept unfolding those gifts God had wrapped for me each christmas, only for me to discover them, just at the right time. And today I know what Christmas is.....

So that wish you nurture in some shady corner of your heart, let it rise. That dream in you, discover it. For there is a path ahead, go find it. Because when you say YES to life and plunge into the water of life, a whole new world lies there waiting to be explored.
And this is what Christmas is all about. Its about the Lord who came to tell you that He shall save you from all sin and keep you pure. its about the woman who said YES to her life when she could have said NO, and the angels would have sought someone else. But She had said,
YES. Even though She sensed that She was receiving, along with the words of the angel, all the pain and suffering of Her destiny; even though Her heart’s eyes could see Her beloved son leaving the house, could see the people who would follow Him and then deny Him; but She said 'yes'
“Thy will be done,”

From the dawn of civilisation on the earth, from Mesopotamia to the Harappa, from the Ashokan Dhamma era to the Renaissance, the French revolution, the German unification... and the anti colonial struggles of nations... whether Abraham Lincoln or Mahatma Gandhi, whether an Abdul Kalam or a Steve Jobs... the world has seen Men who said YES, when they could have said No. It were these men who followed what they believed, who went ahead in the waters of the seas than sitting on the shore. ITS THEY, WHO REMAINED, when history claimed into dust the innumerable multitudes....

Coelho says-
“The Buddhists were right, the Hindus were right, The Muslims were right and so were the Jews. Whenever someone follows the path to Faith and sincerely follows it, he or she is able unite with God and experience miracles.”
The whole cosmos conspires to help him.

THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF CHRISTMAS. This is what Jesus came to teach you