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Saturday, February 4, 2017

How much can you absorb?

I have it all. Buried deep under my skin.
Too much. Too little.
- How much -
do you want ?

I have it all. Bubbling, burbling, murmuring
in the spaces of my mind
Too wide. Too narrow
- How much - 
can you hold?

I have it all. Foaming, spuming, sparkling 
in my soul
Too eternal. Too ephemeral
- How much -
can you absorb?

How much can you absorb?
With yours
Within yours?

Photograph clicked at: Kupwara, Jammu and Kashmir, India.


  1. Such dreary highways
    so many crowded abattoirs
    through which we have passed
    like blisters at every step
    this is how our feet have been bruised
    Pathways have shrunken
    spread out today your velvety clouds under our feet
    be the elevator of suffering wayfarers.
    O Evening be gracious
    O evening of the city of friends,
    be gracious to us

  2. I have it all.I have it in my heart.The bloodstreams dumping blood, pouring in all.
    Too broad.Too thin.
    -How much-
    can you draw?

    I have it all.I have in my mind dreams for all.Sometimes through the meadows,sometimes through the wall.
    Too big.Too small.
    -How much-
    can you hold?

    I have it all.People mumbling their stories and I absorb them all.I absorb those stories and I'm going to absorb them all.
    Too long.Too short.
    -How much-
    do you want?