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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Winning or losing.

It was never about you winning or you losing. It was all about making you better.
And then, did you actually want it so easy?
It was not about victory taking away all your darkness. It never can.
It was all about making you the light.
It was never about you winning or you losing.


  1. Yes, it is. Truly said.

  2. Winning is like reaching the destination...
    Losing is akin to bumpy rides on a journey full of self motivation...

    Winning ends with destination but Losing means endless destinations.

    Burning is an end for the people who decide to win...For failures burns are just lessons from the past. Failure makes man out of mice because nothing is going to hurt you till it takes your life!Know this truth for it is for you the truth seeker...vs speaks words and those words don't seek her!

    The light isn't the success you seek
    Success is you becoming light as the writer quips!

    With Great Regards

  3. No words for these lines, just a Thanks for writing these words.

  4. It's always about learning and experience and the cycle continues :)
    Well penned!

  5. This was all I needed to hear. SBI PO prep was taking a toll.