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Friday, February 3, 2017

I will dance tonight.

The sun will rise.
over our own little planets.
The wind will erode you.
The rain will make you tremble.
Seasons and their cycles will dance upon us
- bubbling colours -
- curling syllables -
- spilling music -
that a stranger whispered in those ears 
once upon a time.
"Gather yourself. Assemble."

I will paint tonight.
I will colour my own darkness.
I will dance tonight.
I will fill with music, my own hollow.
I have seen enough lifelessness.
I will believe tonight. Life will follow.

Life will follow.

Photograph clicked at: Jammu and Kashmir, India.


  1. What if u want to gather urself and reinvigorate ur spirits but the shadows of ur past still continue to rumble in the background trying to pull u back to the same tumult that u braved not very long ago

  2. Past always pulls. You kinda reminded me of an old post of mine when i had the same question. http://gazalbharadwaj.blogspot.in/2015/09/i-know-you-cant.html?m=1
    All I can say that its not easy. But only you can do it. And no one else. All you need to do it take control. Of your own life.

  3. Sorry for the late reply... I just read the link.. I totally agree that soul can be one's saviour.. Recently i came across a fact - In Japan the cracks on a ceramic pot are repaired with gold. A beautiful way to remember ur scars, Isn't it? One can learn lessons from bad experiences and move on! Difficult but worth doing...

    1. I loved what you said in your last line. Difficult, but worth doing.

  4. What for the people who were sitting silently like a sage in the river half in the water and half in the air and observing the world without getting scars (here it has been referred to scars of relationship)? What if they were all alone throughout their life and throughout their lifelong journey they somehow managed to escape the beautiful thing called relationship? They still can be skeptical about being alone is good or being with the someone is bad.That sage never had his opinion on relationships(That is,if relationship are good or bad for now and forever). Asking this belittles the sage but the sage is searching for the perfect answer. Answer that sage with the might of your wisdom!