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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Made of the same material.

Right at that moment I wanted to feel the sea. Know it complete. Touch all that was buried inside his heart. Difficult he was.

But believe me, it was like having found a friend who knows your melancholy, stirs it up, brings you face to face with your own turbulence. As if both of you were made up of the same material.

Its all water you see.
I wanted to cry in his blue arms. But I stood there smiling with wet eyes.
Its all water you see


  1. Deeply felt the abode of ur soul.....amazing it is.......

  2. Sea is seen as infinity. It absorb all the floating paths and still tries to be calm and flourishing and so is Life. Best experiences can only be felt and cannot be bonded into words. Bharat Darshan as seen from your lenses looks like a journey to explore -
    "Why we have have been given a chance to live in this beautiful country", "To fill a void of yet to be known feeling of our existence as a responsible individual"

  3. Seas are blue but their hearts not empty
    Seas are deep and can't be explored to infinity
    Seas smile back with their waves high up in the sky and finds in you a friend so fine.

    Blue is the Beast camouflaged in the wild for his Queen must not venture outside.His heart so blue and cold inside it may freak out the Queen for the Beast lives in the wild!

  4. Hello Mam.....I have history my optional...I just start preparation....M preparing for upsc 2021 exam.....But so many peoples misguide me about Booklist for Optional History......So can u plz suggest me which books i should follow or what was ur booklist......
    And I strt preparation for Mains Exam as well as Interview From now......So according to u what interviewrs seek in an interviewee or what qualities should have an IAS Officer...

  5. Being Blue is a necessity for the Sea, as its first and the foremost responsibility is to take care of its aquatic life. Power to generate an aquatic ecosystem and to ensure that species easily lives in it, lies within sea, in such a scenario, it cannot afford to freak out.