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Monday, August 1, 2016

The song of the missing words.

I wondered-
" why he never talked,
all this time 
- in laughter - 
- or in cries. -"

May be he just waits. 
for his season. 
For I had seen 'spring' in those eyes.

And I had seen
- swimming -
- brimming -
- coming - 
in those crystalline eyes. 
Photography- One of my garden clicks.


  1. I had been spring...
    The past tense lends a poignancy to these lines.

  2. There is a story here behind these lines, so poignantly written.

  3. Yeah, this is awesome. Especially the second stanza. Really, I love this. Well done.

  4. nice mam..
    can u please suggest..Cn i start prep for UPSC? i have only two attempts..gen cat..working as a TA in CBEC deptt..waiting for your reply

  5. beautifully explained..
    mam can u please tell me what stream i should take after 10th ....at present i am in in class 10 only...i am very preasurerise towards my parents....to take science but i want to be ias officer as u ....please suggest me mam....

  6. Maám as far as i can infer, are you a follower of santmat?