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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The law of everything.

There is a law of everything.
But then, do you know?
Have you cared to wonder,
who writes it?
There is gold and fire in every being here.
But then, its all about
- when -
- who -
ignites it.
" तू क्या ढूंढता है ?
तू क्या जानता है ?
तू किन कायदों को,
लिखा मानता है ? 
 रुका तू कहाँ है ?
बुझा तू कहाँ है ?
तेरी आग तो तेरे अंदर कहीं है। 
तू सैलाब भी है, बस समंदर नहीं है। 
- जब उठता है खुद में , तो किनारों को तोड़े -
- या पिघलाए धरती और पहाड़ों को मोड़े -
वो संगीत तेरा 
तुझी में तो है ,बस  यही देखना है 
इसे कौन कब 
कैसे पहचानता है। 

Photography: https://www.instagram.com/p/BITC09dBonM/?taken-by=gazalbharadwaj


  1. Whistles!!! Such a wonderfully thought-provoking write, Gazal :D especially love the reference to "gold and fire in every being" and I can truly see the spark within you here in this poem :D Beautifully penned. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support :D

    Lots of love,

    1. Thanks Sanaa.:)

      Yes, that spark in all of us.
      Keep talking.:)

  2. "तेरी आग तो तेरे अंदर कहीं है।" and who ignites it....the lines take me to the Buddha who on his dying bed advised his tearful disciples, "Atmo Deepo Bhva" be your own light...time well spent here :)

    1. Thanks Sumana. :)
      So true. As he said, " I can show you the path. The journey is yours. So is your light"

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  3. Your words are so true, you mention the age old question and also we never know what or who will ignite our lives. I enjoyed this very much,,,

  4. Some laws appear fair and thought out; old, tried, true and tested and then we have today when rules and regulations appear quite inane and sometimes dangerous, but worse still contradictory. I think we all know what is right deep down that is we should not hurt one another.

    1. Rightly said. We make laws to bind us. But laws too can become archaic and even contradictory to their purpose.
      And then, its our intrinsic humaneness, deep down within which must remind us to take hold and evolve our laws.

  5. Kabhi kabhi yu lagta h ki in shabdo ko chura Lu....Fir ehsas hota h meri kahani to inhi se Bani h.

  6. Such a wonderfull lines...keep writing Gazal ji