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Friday, August 26, 2016

To everything unknown.

What have you been looking for?
- all this long -
- all along -
And stories connect. And songs collide.
We all need those words and silence
to walk with us, just beside.
- in our journeys long -
- all along -

I believe you will 'find' me there.
between fear and love.
between right and wrong.
- all along -
I have been walking 
in this everything unknown,
with my music, with my song.
- all along -

photograph- Clicked by me @ train journey


  1. Love the way you potray those subtle emotions which are not known to us yet driving our lives;] its a treat to you mam;

    1. Thanks dear. Hope you are doing fine.
      And yes, those subtle emotions do drive our lives. They make us connect.
      Keep talking. :)

  2. Great ...Emotions makes human alive...

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Naini Ma'am. Kaise ho aap!

    2. I am good. Sooo proud of you !! You totally totally Rock ! Big Big Congratulations :)

  4. Ma'am u made us hear the song of the unknown n explore the unsung ,unheard,untasted..ur poetry starts where our senses stop !

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  6. Mam you are an inspiration:),ur every post is so emotional and beautiful,I get mesmerized whenever I read it 💕..

  7. Amazing writer cum photographer...☺