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Monday, October 19, 2015

Your innocence and mine...

You say, Innocence-
meant being away from what 
we must not talk about,
what the society considers taboos
in and out.

You say innocence
meant being ignorant of evil,
untouched of the thoughts
of what you call sinful and devil.

And so you find,
my shyness, not your boldness
my thoughts, and not your words.

I see Innocence-
in the rawness of your thoughts and its instant expression,
like when your Mom touched you for the very first time
raw, unclothed, yet pristine that touch.

I see Innocence- 
in your words, their desperation and toil for peace,
like an infant crying in its genuine effort to cope with the turbulence
of its surroundings which disrupt its peace

And innocence 
is in your inquisitiveness, making efforts to know me more,
like a kid trying to reach out to another, 
in its search for a childhood friend.

Innocence is raw,
it is intrinsic.
It is not being ignorant of what you call evil or sinful,
or what must not be talked here.
It is when you let the evil or sinful touch you,
but not let it adhere.

So, are you innocent then?
Or were you searching in me, your lost innocence?

1 comment:

  1. Innocence is in your smile...when its mischievous
    Innocence is in your eyes...when they are undressing
    Innocence is in your touch...when u pretend to caress my cheeks
    Innocence is in your words...when they play with mine

    Innocence is a drop of water on a ladies naked bosom.

    Loved this post of yours...for more than one reason :)