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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Between the numerous silver pebbles...

Between those numerous words said,
or written, 
or sung to you in your sleep
and those umpteen words unsaid, 
never written, never sung
a nothingness
raw, untouched, naked
You can't hide it.
And you can't share it either.
You can't lie about it.
And you don't want to face its truth either.

That nothingness is the essence.

That nothingness is me.

These words I sing or shout 
are porous
like these pebbles.
But the pores connect
make me permeable.

If You call me your aquifer.
know, that it is this nothingness,
these gaps,these spaces
which make me what I am.
May be You have known them,
May be they are too narrow to reach.
May be You have known me
May be I am too far out of reach..
picture source https://www.pinterest.com/pin/491525746809456656/


  1. I can relate to this.

    It's this silence that I seek, which is the nothingness in me.

    They say we find it in meditation sometimes, and they say that in essence, this is what we're made up of!

    1. Yes.. The silence that I seek... is me, my essence.:) keep talking..

  2. you are the silence between the words i speak
    you are the life between the breaths i take
    you are the sight between my blinks

    maybe you are too far out to reach...
    you know like the nothingness between stars...but the close we look, there exists a whole new universe in that nothingness :)

    1. exactly that... like the nothingness between d stars.. d pores between d pebbles... a whole new universe exists there... the essence... in those spaces undefined, unknown, infinite.. where all possibilities merge... that nothingness.

  3. So this means, that i should become a rain drop first, fight against all odds( cows, trees, man, buffaloes bla blah blah, in short anything that can (mis)use me as a water drop ) and then slowly but surely, through the spaces and pores of the permeable rocks.. i travel and travel and move and move and fall and fall and reach the aquifer. So is it how it is supposed to be??

    On a serious note.. simply loved this one. The nothingness, often overlooked but omnipotent( are we talking about God? may be i am not very sure), words no matter how powerful, if not distort meanings , at least are incapable for a 'true' complete representation... you are on a path of self discovery.. just one unsolicited advice.. do not succumb in your vulnerable moments because that is when we must keep on walking.. all the best

    1. interesting. No i don't expect anyone to take so much of trouble for me... travel n travel... move n move.. fall n fall.. because in doin that, even if u reach those spaces, you may lose your own identity. And how can you find me if you lose yourself. It shud always be like you find me... i help you to find yourself better.
      The earth knows those spaces of the aquifer.

      as for d serious note, thank u. Yes i'll walk when can walk, run when i can run and crawl when i can crawl... but i'll keep moving... for stagnation is death.
      And I jus discovered some days bk I was still alive.:)

    2. i no longer believe in finding my identity. Seriously i don't. So it will not matter...what happens to the drop me.. once it has left the sky and fallen...

    3. and why is that so... You don't love yourself now?

    4. i dont know me..anyways.. one who looks outside dreams.. one who looks inside awakens.. so i have stopped looking outside..looking inside is not easy.. after closing your eyes everything seems dark

    5. if everything looks dark, listen to the you screaming from inside... what is is saying to you...?

    6. darkness not in the sense of misery or sorrow, but absence of light. The absence of light the we all seek. No, no screams within, i am the most peaceful guy i have ever met.

    7. anyways.. let us end the discussion ... he he :D

    8. ok. if you feel so, i end it. was nice talking to you, 'mr. peaceful guy'.
      And, yes u r right we all r seeking that light... somewhere we all are still in that darkness.
      may be hues differ.
      lets jus keep walking:)