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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bridges, she does not seek...

Burn all bridges.
This ferry was anyway not going backwards.
What dies today is not love, for it is beyond
but the friend the child in her had found in you.

What lives still in this shivering ferry
struggling amidst these cold and deceitful waters
is an unbowing morale,
a hope, which flickers but will not stall.

And bridges are not what she seeks.
The sea will teach her to swim.


  1. loved the first two lines... they speak volumes..

  2. Your blog, and especially after reading this post kind of reminded me of someone I knew a few years back. Someone I lost a few years back. He kept looking at the world through his rose tinted glasses, hoping, wishing, falling in love with love.

    This post hurts...and maybe at times it's good to hurt, especially when it's matters of the heart, for only then will the tears turn to crystals.

    But I also hope that the hurt ends soon...