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Thursday, October 21, 2010


My forgiveness.
Does not mean.
That I have forgotten those tears.
Or those scars on my soul;
Do not bleed today...

It just means.

That the right to scar or to heal;

I had bestowed upon You,

I take away...

I Forgive You.
Not because You went on with the 'devil' inside.

But because, I still follow the 'Angel' in me...


  1. Where's the rest of it??

  2. wow...
    and forgiveness is not about to make others happy , itz all about to make ourselves feel better...;
    nice poem..

  3. awesome.. it feels like a completion of a emotion.. the best part is now you are in control of yourself.. taken away the right to scar or heal from anyone else... it resides in you, your own beautiful heart will heal you

  4. @anonymous The rest of it.....? Ask yourself... and search... You shall find it... For me, this is all of it.

  5. I can't forget that is why I can't forgive :)

    you have expressed yourself very well here.
    i liked it a lot.

    You keep following the angel dear:)

  6. oh this was so perfectly penned down. eveirytime i come to ur blog ur words leave me with a sense of fulfillment. probably i don't understand the feelings behind them but i do understand the words behind the feelings