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Sunday, June 14, 2015


There will always be 
something, which this crazy world can't see, but you can.
One day it will rip open your walls.
And you'll let the dam crack.
You'll let the water fill your world,
You TRUST that magical dream.
which this crazy world can't see, 
but you can.

And when you are drowning,
you will shout for help
to that someone from somewhere
to come and rescue you.
You TRUST that faithful love.
which this crazy world never knew or felt, 
but you did.

But, you know what?
Your dream may betray you.
That someone from somewhere may not come.
And when its the last,
The reticence of nearing death will silence the sound of the gushing waters,
You'll hear a voice from within.

Your magical dream? No.
Your faithful love? No.
It'll be your own.
That forgotten You.
And it will come, just for a second,
only remind you;
that You had always loved to swim.

Dream and love with innocence and with truth.
But, don't get so lost in them that you forget the You.
You are the truth.
Then neither dream nor love, can ever betray you.
They'll be yours forever.
photograph borrowed from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/391953973794043558/


  1. really love the progression of this poem and its ultimate destination...trust in one's self makes all the difference...a wonderful take on the prompt...

  2. What is this life, if you have not risked it over a smile?