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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Journey and the Destination.

I meet them everyday, waiting for an ear to narrate their unheard tales, tales of heaven and hell, dreams and hopelessness, valor and fear... I know I can’t go home, the home I dreamt of; and rest in two comforting arms, where I can embrace, touch, communicate.. and find my peace....
I got to stop on my way and listen to these unheard legends. They are waiting to become a part of my verses and ballads, my literary world. I can hear them calling out to me as if hailing-
“Hundred more years, you should live!”

And I know as long as I still can reach out and touch them; that I'll never die..
I'll LIVE forever....

I met this person on my way, so much like me and yet so different. I discovered his dreams and fears, listened to his side of the story and I could write an epic on him. And a dream buried in some shady corner of my heart comes alive. My home. My small and happy world! Walls of my colours, curtains of the type i love, doors and windows of the kind I want... where I would find peace, solace, tranquil, where there would be love, delight and radiance, where I could slow down and rest in those two comforting arms , where I can embrace, touch, communicate, where I feel blessed...

I thought I would never find a way, that I would probably never be able to answer what to choose- MY JOURNEY or MY DESTINATION?

And then I had a dream one night and I met God in my journey. He smiled at me and gave me something in my hand. It was a cross. And then God was gone. I looked around and I was alone. And then I felt an embrace round my waist . It was Him. So much like me and yet so different. I knew his dreams and fears, listened to his side of the story and I could write an epic on him....

And I know my answer.

This journey needs us.


  1. Excellant..loved d start n d end (in a way its a beginning)...as it turned 2 'us'..

  2. gal... you are appraising this man like God.. a human, I believe, should not be worshiped. May God bless you and protect you both.

  3. This is deep, Gazal..I can't say but I would often tell those who would willingly share with me and would want me too to express.. this question never troubled me.. you know today its time when staying on the road we choose in itself could be worthy goal..what with so many temptations around.. be on the path you have chosen.. and you will meet magic..and happiness at every corner.. I have always believed suffering does not mean we are not happy.. happiness can be a constant state of mind..that's perhaps what you call tranquility... I love to share hence the flow..

    God Bless!

  4. @Ramesh Sir : thanku Sir for sharing.
    And yeah I believe in magic...:)

  5. @ Beyond.
    There is a lot more for you to know dear...
    You don't know the devotion of a woman.....

  6. whaao...that was lovely...So much like me and yet so different. ...:)

  7. very nicely written.
    Where are you these days ? Pantnagar ?

  8. How could you write so deep?..:)
    Updated my blog..:)