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Thursday, November 25, 2010


I know.
'THEY' might not be indited
in these lines of fate
in my hands.
But My Faith in 'THEM'
and in YOU,

Shall make 'THEM' happen.

And till then,
I'll go on this way.
On this tough road.
With my Faith in You preserved.

And I know I'll win.
You'll not let me lose..

Will You???


  1. Its d magic n power of faith which will make u win :)

  2. When you know then why you doubt? Faith is very powerful feeling..and always gives strength.. God bless!

  3. Yes you will win until you have faith in yourself and no one else

  4. @anonymous: There is a diference between trust and faith. The day you acknowledge that difference, you'll understand my words.
    And yeah, Faith is bigger, mightier than trust.

  5. you are right faith is mightier than trust. As 'trust' is something you have on your near and dear ones and 'faith' is something you have on God. And if trust is broken God will rebuild it but never lose your faith in God.