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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My sanity.
Does not mean.
That I had been untouched by evil.
Or that the malice prevailing on the earth,
had not striked here...

It just means.
That I,
did not let it adhere...

And there is sanity in my heart.
As long as 'My Lord' dwells here.
And He shall desert me never...


  1. POSITIVITY reflecting frm ur words!!!

  2. It just means.
    That I,
    did not let it adhere...

    Extra-Ordinary for someone so young.. Gazal..keep thinking..delving..wondering..contemplating..and you will keep meeting such wonderful words in your mind pushing you to put them on paper and make them immortal.. God bless!

  3. what could I say... you left me speechless and your firm faith that 'HE will desert you never'

  4. and this lady is in a rebellious mood...

    Fight On!

  5. wow, fantabulous piece of writing..this is d spirit needed to survive in this world... i've also posted a poem on my blog but itz in hindi..
    i dont know whether u like reading hindi poems or not.. u never posted any comment on my blog..
    anyways keep writing..

  6. exquisite piece....i really can't tell how much i liked this!!

  7. @all thanku
    @shekhar Oh I'm very fond of hindi. i've left a comment.