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Thursday, October 7, 2010


It was 'our' Festival.
'We' created.
'We' would nurture...
'We' would live its each moment...

It was 'our' festival.
To dawn upon 'Us' each year.
It was 'our' laughter.
'Our' Mirth.
'Our' belief...

It was 'our' festival.
And it dawns yet again.
But this time.
I stand here incomplete.
In the same air, the same ambience...
Under the same sky.
I wonder what has changed.
And Why....

All these years.
'WE' defined the festival.
The festival defines 'US'....


  1. awesome piece of writing ...gazal..
    keep it up...

  2. nice prose!
    I remember a song 'Carnival of Rust' reading this

  3. Let us continue to define our festivals..that's a better choice..nothing has changed..we continue to breath the same way we had been..

  4. WE' defined the festival.
    The festival defines 'US'....

    truly an irony!!

    "I love colours,and gujhiya and papad and I celebrate Holi.
    I love crackers and candles and sweets and I celebrate Diwali.
    I love cakes and gifts and Santa Clause and I celebrate Christmas.
    I love the sight of moon and sewaiyyan (vermicilli) and I celebrate Eid.

    In all,I love the God I believe in,I love HIS PEOPLE and I love MYSELF and thus I CELEBRATE LIFE which HE has gifted me."

    So a question to YOU(the PEOPLE)
    "In which category will you put ME?"

  5. beautiful end :D
    what has changed and why...
    I guess everyone changes after sometime...
    we all move on to things that interest us more...
    happens with every1

    nice one you wrote :)
    take care

  6. It's not about the post but your name's GAZAL! How can I not comment on someone's blog whose name is Gazal! :-)