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Friday, August 27, 2010


Each morning.
There is this one thing which keeps Me going.
Like fuel for my soul.
As bread for my body.
As prayer for my essence.

And that is.
This acknowledgement.
That in the other corner of this world.

'YOU' Like a Power.

Just Like Me.

Aware or unaware of My Existence.

Keep feeding this fire to go on...

And One day, I shall reach my Dream, my Desideratum...

And so every morning this one thing keeps Me going.

This acknowledgement.

That in the other corner of this world 'YOU' EXIST.


  1. this "YOU" looks smone spsl..... haan..........

  2. Well, Gazal.. someone asked me my age.. its actually 50.. but I always say.. its 15 to 50.. because in between I can relate to every age.. I am able to relate to your posts well.. and trust me this is beautiful.. I am reminded of old movies when those in love would say.. we both can see the same Moon.. you gave similar feeling. well written and expressed.. Tahnks fo ryour visit to my page.. hope you really laughed..

  3. Such wise words. One could be nourished by such wisdom.

  4. why do you say the other corner.. isn't HE 'here there everywhere' God and His Love.
    God Bless You

  5. @R ha ha
    God does not exist in the other corner of the world Mr. R. He exists in and around us... everywhere...
    This is a conversation between two elements of d earth...

  6. Of course, this positive self talk every morning can bring out the best of us, well said, Yes, I exist!