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Sunday, August 29, 2010


....she screamed at him, "Whyyyyyyyy? Why stranger.......... why you? Why..... when because of whom I am here, he never cared to bring down the walls.... why you?"For the last time his dying eyes met hers and he said ..................

I had Loved 'YOU'
And loved YOU pure.
And so.
I had been 'Chosen'.
Chosen to set 'YOU" free.
For I had cared to see too.
What Your Creator had seen for YOU.
A world beyond these walls...
And YOU had to see that world.

I was God's messenger.
His 'Angel'.
If all YOU could acknowledge Me.
My purpose is done.
The Walls I have broken.
You deny His purpose.
And MY Love.
My Sacrifice.

Go, Set Yourself free...

And that day the Man died. As much as I am told. And his ashes till today wander scattered in the world to reach people and to tell them to understand LOVE. TO BREAK PRISONS. TO SHED WALLS...

But I believe.
A day shall come soon.
To revoke life in Him.
And bless Him with his share.
And I trust.
The Prisoner shall choose her freedom.
has to be done justice with.


  1. An apt reply to Rajat's post Gazal!-can we say that people who sacrifice are meant for being sacrificed only? and that their purpose on this Earth is to lay down their lives for some cause? I think that's unfair and that's why I so agree with the last ' The Law Of Sacrifice' here. very well put!

  2. the law of sacrifice has to be done justice with ! hmmmm....ur words r powerful , n ur perspective is compelling....the prisoner shall choose her freedom....tat line jus bolted my senses...u r good , very good actually....keep up te good work...m glad tat i landed on ur blog....wud love to do tat agn pretty soon....u got me following !

  3. hmmm God's messenger.. a nice reply.