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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Sprouting LIFE.

It rained last night.
Inundating my soul.

Somehow it managed to penetrate so deep.

To wash 'it' all...

And sprouts this morning in me,

This life.

Innocent, tender and green.

And I am changed.

I had never in my life felt this before.

This 'tender life' in me, I had never realised or seen...

This tender 'life'.
Is not for prudence to smother.

Is not for any past or 'those people' to bother..

This life.

Is to grow...

To breathe, to bloom, to survive.

This 'life' is to set me free.
It is to tell me that I AM ALIVE...


  1. Hey Gazal! This is a truly wonderful piece of poetry... The message is great! The rain really inundates the soul sometimes esp when we enjoy it alone...it is the best time to introspect.
    i liked these lines very much:
    'This life.
    Is to grow...
    To breathe, to bloom, to survive.
    This 'life' is to set me free.
    It is to tell me that I AM ALIVE...'

  2. @ Jaspreet. Thanku. I love the rain. Each time it sets me to life...
    And the post...
    i wrote sumthn similar months back...

    But this post is still very different from that... more sprouting.. :)

  3. the way u co-relate those rain-drops and ur life is awesome..in fact ur hindi poem "barish ki bundein" was also an awesome one..seriously a marvelous way to tell the beauty of raindrops..:)

  4. Alive.. my god! God bless you.. this poem shows the aliveness in you Gazal and it's here to stay.. phase when one contemplates.. oh it's always so beautiful... enjoy it to the most and keep sharing, girl..

  5. Into each life some rain must fall!

    Your words..
    your thoughts..
    and you..
    are as beautiful..
    as your name! :)

  6. Let every moment tell you that you are alive. Let the rain drizzle on you so that you can feel your heart. May this becomes the most beautiful life for you.