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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Create I can an undivided world...

Time and again.
I am inundated by this power.
From which create I can.
Forms more real than living Man.

Forms Equal,Unclassed,Tribeless and Nationless..
Forms which all divisions and barriers lie above.
Forms which understand and spread LOVE...


  1. nice lines with lovely thoughts..:)

  2. Yes, I recall The Atlas Shrugged..the kind of world John Galt creates.. I am able to understand the poem better by reading the last line which you have left for the creative faculies fo the visitors.. as "Forms which understand and spread LOVE.......Forms out of the Real Living Man, yet more real than living man.."

  3. Forms which understand and spread Love... Forms unconquered, Forms divine, let's find them first in this world.

  4. interesting. :)
    You think good, and pen them even better.

  5. Really nice. Your thoughts are very genuine.

  6. I wish the world actually becomes like that...free from any divisions!

  7. @Mayz No. Not president. But something else. I shall be one day.

  8. Let us create a world
    where humanity is the only religion
    where love is the only emotion