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Saturday, July 24, 2010


In SILENCE had I accepted to live,
When words heavenly are sent to rebuild me all.
Rekindle a faith, wash those fears
Then this SILENCE tonight why haunts my soul?

And this SILENCE shall lull me to slumber this night.
And SILENCE has kept me awake.
In SILENCE I have found 'You' pure.

And in SILENCE had I seen 'Them' fake.

Ans SILENCE had brought us close.
And SILENCE shall take us far.
And with SILENCE You healed Me like magic.
And with Silence You give a scar.

One day.
My SILENCE shall find a way...
And set these tears free.
SILENCE shall merge them to Thee.


  1. Beautiful.

    "My SILENCE shall find a way..."

    Power of silence is enormous. It just takes some time for noise within to settle.

  2. Somewhere on my page I had written : Let vibrations communicate intense feelings, before words kill...and then I realised that even to express this I had needed words..can the words be silent? Lets explore.. I find it very interesting Gazal.. enjoy your posts a lot.. and thanks for reminding me of Robert Frost on my page..liked it..

  3. @Rameshji. I agree with u completely Sir. I truely believe in words and expression. But the silence I talk of here is probably necessary. And I've felt it. felt this silence... lets see wen I can get rid of it. Or may be it has a meaning... a deeper cause...

  4. Of course, Gazal..silence creates magic, u know..it's capable of bringing miracles.. I have experienced it many years ago.. but then lost it in btwn and now trying to be back there.. Would love you to go to my post LAYERS OF DEAFENING SILENCE..i placed on May 22, 2010..Thanks..Try to get your rank enhanced in case you believe in them..

  5. silence... sometimes is a silent heart but lots of blabbering with lips.
    Silence heals, silence haunts.. choose your silence.

  6. silence is also the veneer of noise,
    eventually thwarted,reveals in disguise...