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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Will the sky envelope the plateau?

A half written letter craves
- to hear -
that warmth in your chest
curling around the trembling silence
of its half- constructed sentences
tonight once again quivered,
once again stirred.

To its envelope, it once again cribs :
"Hide me from this cold cold world."


"इसके आगे कहो , अब कहाँ जाऊँ मैं ?
गिरती बारिश -सा हूँ, लौट न पाऊँ मैं। "

Picture credits: A photographer friend.


  1. A half written letter desiderates
    -to hear-
    the stories unheard but the half-constructed sentences
    today once again quivered,
    once again stirred.

    To its letter, envelope once again utters:
    "I'll hide you from this cold cold world until we reach the destination"

    गिरती बारिश-सी तुम, मैं हूँ बंजर ज़मीन सा...
    मेरि रूह में जो​ बस जाओ तुम,हर शाख को मिल जाए नयि दुनिया।