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Friday, September 16, 2016

The said and the unsaid.

"कैसे मैं तुम्हे कह दूँ बोलो ,ये  बात नहीं अल्फ़ाज़ों की 
ये रसमुलखत का खेल नहीं, ये बात है बस एहसासों की 
आँखों में मेरे ये रक्स करे  
मिल जायेगी इन पलकों के तले 
- ये रिसती हुई -
- ये उड़ती हुई -

तुम बस छू दो इसको आँखों से अपनी 
- दानिश मैं नहीं - "

How do I speak or write to you?
This is not a thing of words.
This is no play of alphabets.
This is just something to be sensed
- Known -
- Explored -
- Absorbed -

It dances right here in my eyes.
If only you come searching
You shall find it
Beneath my eyelashes
- leaking - 
- flickering -
Yet intact.
If only you could touch it with your eyes
Because I am not
- direct -

Picture source: Clicked by me on the way to binog hill, Musoorie
रसमुलखत : An urdu word meaning alphabets
दानिश  : Direct


  1. Wow! Everything here is beautiful. The pic is the icing on an achy take.

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  3. These words reminds me the movie As good as it gets, how that man(Mr Jack nicholson) sense the feeling of others but cant able to describe his own desires