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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Empty is this vessel, my body
But its sound is not
It still rustles, throbs, warbles.
And to this world,
its sound can be music.
It can be noise, turbulence, chaos.
And it can be deafening silence.

Empty is my soul, my mind.
But its core, its foundation is not.
For it still knows to love.
And to this world,
its love can be sacred.
It can be ugly, wanton, sinful.
And it can be casually indifferent.

Empty is my word, my song.
But its meaning is not.
And I will still keep humming it.
For if this world understands it a little
It will become full, my word.
And if You, that someone somewhere in this world,
can understand it full,

I would make You my world.


  1. The world can never understand the words you sing, but the one who means the world to you will sing along...so no, nothing is empty...it's just that the Music is not understood by everyone :)