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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The business cycles..

Seems like my life has become a business cycle.

Its like, you start with a boom,
inspired and ignited.

By, the evening, a slowdown sets in.
You have to go out, searching for some happiness on the streets,
knowing that its not where it'll be found,
and you'll come back home empty- handed.

By dusk, there is a recession in your heart,
and something within you is crying.
Still you are constantly trying to fool the crying child,
with 'the stimulus' of inspiration.
But the stimulus doesn't work now,
for your macro-economic fundamentals
stand shaken.

Nights, breezy or calm, moonlit or dark-
you are in a depression.
You hallucinate.
You get lost.
Nothing works.
You gaze at the far away moon and the stars from your window with a longing in those two brown eyes,
but you fear talking,
so the depression doesn't spread,
so there are no 'competitive devaluations'
You fear them- people
No, you fear yourself.

You sleep just before the dawn,
with a hope, 
of another morning,
and of some morning when
the cycle would end
and you would live 
'happily ever after'.

Seems like my life has become a business cycle.
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  1. why do we fall? so that we can learn to pick ourselves up.


    1. Thanks. May be I needed, a little of You, here right now. Sometimes even that little bit matters, yet to the world even that small longing for that little bit seems so much. Stay blessed.

  2. happily ever after.... ha ha...
    If you want to be happy... BE.
    For me poetry should not involve terms like competitive devaluation.. etc.. it should be about non material things rather.. materialism has killed enough things already... Reading your stuff after a very long time and yes it seems as if the innocence is lost.. it has become more like display of smartness.. but anyways.. when happiness comes so would the innocence may be...

    1. These are words. For someone it can be a display of smartness. For someone it can be the deeper meaning inside, and the silence it holds. I cannot control, what goes on in someone's mind, after reading my words. Nor do I want to.

  3. i think i got the meaning right.. it has got to do something with trying to achieve something, goal setting and may be fear of failure.. and i may be wrong with the interpretation but let me tell you lady.. i read your poems long time back.. and that had a kind of freshness that seems missing in this one... you are very good at expressing your self.. and i just meant to say.. words like boom and competitive devaluation evoke images of china and stock market.. anyways

    1. I am not the same person I was long time back. All of us evolve.
      Yes boom and competitive devaluation do evoke images of stock market... But, I just wrote what I felt. Sometimes, you do feel lost... because everything around u judges u or determines ur worth in materialistic terms. I don't want to prove anything here. For me, this place is just mine. I come here, hide, laugh, cry... freely. And so, you can have the freedom to get whatever meaning u want to, from this....

    2. thats is the tragedy with life.. that we all judge...all the time... ha ha .. anyways keep up the good work.. i am sorry if i kind of bugged you

    3. And by the way, not to judge, but I respect comments with names. They echo courage.

  4. "Give a man a mask(anonymity) and he will become his true self" -- The Joker in DArk Knight..
    Anonymity is a privilege.. names kind of tend to put lenses and make people defensive.. anyways.. may be next time in some other post

  5. crazy analogy...n thats all i am gonna say!!!