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Monday, September 6, 2010


I wonder how You do this...
Whenever I'm down, dejected and in destitute.
When the wrongs in the world turn me cold, numb and mute.
When its at the lowest and I'm white...
searching for my hues.
Like a Prism.
Restore in Me.
My Innate Colors.
I wonder How You do this....


  1. @Gazal.....thanx for te lovely comment !
    u knw wat , the emotions of love are very strong , they echo outwards too.... you may acknowledge love to your own soul , but te soul is divine , it doesnt live jus within , but is te meaning of our outwardly existence too....n u know , as they say , when u r in love , it shows ! :)

    n if u dnt mind my sayn tis , it shows on ur post too ! lovely thought....such feelings do make our life colourful !

  2. Your innate colors are bright and full of life, they will have to be with you reach you, prism is just a medium.

  3. Interesting take on the spectrum of light... ah light, white contains it all and yet hides them too well and needs filters to spread them out.

  4. May your life be filled with happiness, love and all the beautiful colors of the rainbow.

  5. When Moon whispers in one's ears, one must hold his hand fill life with all the happy colours.. one need not wait.. it happens. thanks Gazal for visiting my page..I liked your comment..

  6. wow! this was beautiful! never thought like this. yes white has all the colours in its belly.



  7. Omg ...I love this thought !
    As a kid I have always loved this prism concept ..bt wen u link it to such a deeper meaning !...Its just so great !:)

  8. wow...beautiful imagery and corelation!!!

  9. God's love can do wonders indeed, he is always there for us:)