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Sunday, June 6, 2010

How do I find myself?

Every day.
I would see YOU in the mirror.
In ME.
In every Part of ME.

When You've shattered the mirror;
How do I find myself?


  1. Even when I am shattered to thousand pieces
    Every one would reflect you and you and you

  2. I once fell in love with the face in the mirror and now it questions me who are you.

  3. Just start worshiping yourself. They say God created us in his image. SO we all are gods.Worship yourself and your work.
    Never sacrifice and be self-sufficient.

  4. a beautiful way of expressing a dilemma of someone..but i still believe that one's identity must be free from anyone's identity or anyone's mischief..and its up to you only that how you perceive yourself nd identify urself.

  5. in place of a mirror...find someone's eyes to see your reflection....broken mirrors cant be repaired...but closed eyes can be opened..

  6. The shards are always painful. They hurt. It's so hard to see me when the mirror is shattered all around. Finding me again is so damn hard some days.