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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Salt and Me.

I knew.
It was in me.
To become possessed by a soul.
It came slowly.
Perhaps helplessly.
But when it came;
It worked like magic.
It consumed me; dissolved me.
Stirred up my bieng...

But I was awakened at last.
From that mysterious forgetfulness of self.
As salt does.
When dissolved in water.


  1. nice comparison btwn salt n self.....
    n we do most of d times forget our own self.....

  2. ya, and its important 2 find oneself.

  3. If it is sugar and me, this invites many ants as sugar melts.

    But there is sweetness in me.

  4. I know.
    And after all I left the water salty...

  5. Well...I hope its a healthy comaprison :)

  6. @ arpit what makes u think d comparison isnt healthy?

  7. I was thinking of the ocean water which becomes undrinkable because of too much salt content....i hope that doesn't happen here :)

  8. @ arpit it might b undrinkable... but it feeds corals and other marine life...