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Monday, May 24, 2010


I still cherish the day.

When I would love to see you smile at me...

Your smile was the sunshine.
Limpid, warm and pure.

It would light all the queries of my soul...
And Soon I was made to realise;

Is not Sunshine for all??


  1. As the sun rises in the east does not the morning bird wish to shore higher and does it not so happen that the bird flying carefree at heights always spot the rising sun's ray before the others?

    The smile is always for all, but it has to be spotted.

  2. again a little but wonderful poem..carrying a grt meaning along with it..yes, sunshine has grt meaning..in fact all these natural gifts always give you many reasons to smile..u just need to understand that actually want to say. nice selection of pic too..:)

  3. 'Is not Sunshine for all??'

    Does a phoenix think about that when it draws its wings and makes a journey that can never end?

    Its the passion for something you want that should drive you, not self realization of the fact that you can never get it!