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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The New Dawn...

Each day, at dusk.
A strange name wakes up memories.
That deep voice stirs up the senses.
That enchanting glance darts through my bieng.
That touch unconquerable preys apon life.
And a gloom immortal engulfs the loneliness of my soul...
Each day, at dusk.
That name, that glance, that voice...
That touch, false and profaned, still pious...
That everything...
Remembered, forgotten.
Cherished, execrated.
Admired, trusted, transduced, betrayed.
Set to life, left dead on my way...
That everything...
Cuts me to pieces.
Keeps me awake...
Only at dawn.
When the shallow waters foam on my bieng.
As though I were a reef.
Washing me away.
And a shaft of bright hot sun rays,
dart into my pellucid body.
I break into a dazzling sparkle.
As though by magic.
And a fire gleams like jewel in my brown eyes...
To welcome the new dawn.
My new Dawn...


  1. Gazal, excellent poetry, and great blog content. Keep writing !

  2. Soul touching. I new dawn just comes before the darkest hour of the night and I see it coming.

  3. mazaa aagaya... it was short and simple...

  4. that was some excellent word play thr...beautifully penned down

    ps: so happy to see a blogger from roorkee

  5. I read ur article 'Pinzra' in 'Techniche'...great article...ur writing is really deep...keep writing...god bless u.