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Friday, October 20, 2017

The life you have forgotten to live.

Whatever lies between
- the ocean and the desert -
- your jumping up and hitting the ground -
- between fear and love -
is calling you.

Go live it.

"साँस लेने की तेरे, वजह और भी हैं 
तेरी इस ज़मी पर,जहां और भी हैं 
तू जो जी रहा है,तू क्यों जी रहा है ?
पूछने आने वाले , इम्तेहां और भी हैं। "
photographed clicked at: Uttarkashi, India


  1. The fine lines of life, which we tend to overlook, we really need to see in between them and live to the fullest!

  2. soaring up and crumbling down
    between the oceans and desserts,
    your emotions ohh dear....

    love out of fear is no love
    the fear of love is more love....
    Just live it!


    1. *deserts
      My Bad! pffffff :D


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    2. Hello mam,i am preparing for history optional.. Can u tell me how to and what to read from ignou ma or it is not necessary...??Thanks

  4. Tu ghum hai kahan,kis duniya me hai teri rooh?

    Is duniya me bhi fursat mile to kabhi nazar me aana...

    Guftgu hogi tere mere darmiyaan,zara door hone ka ehsaah na dilana...

    Usi manzar pe milega har dost tujhe,chahe kitni bhi dur bana le tu apna aashiyana!


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