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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

You my home, reside in me.

My rhythm had known you from ages.
You were always here, 
and yet out of sight.
I am searching you each dawn and dusk 
in the layers of my soul
Come, dwell in me, 
be my home tonight.
"तेरा घर उस पार कहीं है और, 
इस पार कहीं घर मेरा है ...
मैं पर्वत-पर्वत,वादी-वादी,
क्या  ढूंढ रहा? क्यों ढूंढ रहा? 

तूने घर मुझमें है लिया बना 
और यार तू ही घर मेरा है।" 

Picture: Clicked at himalayan trek, @on the way to doditaal, Uttarakhand, India

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  1. The theme of the poem seems to be in perfect harmony with the moorings of nature.this piece of marvel makes us feel like we are listening to a song of owl city .it captures the nature 's ethereal sense