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Saturday, December 5, 2015

December songs(2)- Fear.

Between, knowing and being.
Between, the ideal and the real.
Oscillates in a perpetual motion,
like this pendulum fastened here-

Gigantic, yet infantile.
Cumbrous and sterile.
Yet to which you still adhere,
Take it out now.
from that abominable fear.


  1. We fear tomorrow we'll be crying


    Here is an opportunity to see Light being born,
    To see that darkness is its birthplace.
    If only you can look away from the distorted glare that is your Reason
    And accept how afraid you are of the Dark,
    You will step over Fear
    And take your first peek into the illuminating Beyond.

    1. And recurving time,
      in that birth place,
      when light shall meet dark...
      they will destroy each other
      and get made from the start.
      The universe will again be born.
      In what we call science, it calls art.