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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Heart Leaps up...

My heart leaps up.

When I hold the sunshine in my palm;

and I touch the rain...

When I find a fainting robin;

build his nest again...

My heart leaps up.

When I see the 'child' in you.

Exuberant, happy and glee...

When you break the cage of illusions;

And set yourself free...

My heart leaps up.

When you press my hand with affection;

And tell me, 'We shall keep the ties..'

And hope dances in your eyes.

Like flickering fireflies...

My heart leaps up.

Leaps up to the scattered blues...

To your ever pervading hues...

I shall reach them.

Gather them.

Never let them fade away...

I know.

They shall illumine this world.

Some day.....


  1. once again.. as expected.. a cluster of difficult words fr me.. :(
    i had to sit with dictionary to understnd some terms.. bt in the end i landed up reading some good write up.. :) nice keep it up.. :)

  2. :) I love the way you say it all and still make me guess..

  3. well, i think ur poems are too good for my praise ..seriously,as it is told by others too..difficult words but having a great sense...

  4. well i read ur later post b4 dis 1...n again i would say....m getting lot of positive vibes from dem....havnt been in contact with u off late but my prayers n luv is always der 4 u...u r a rockstar :)

  5. So beautiful and the various elements of nature are an added charm and how these element are part of us or rather we are part of them:)