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Monday, March 22, 2010

'Naxal' love survives - my very first full stage play...

NAXAL love survives, my very first full stage play.... was a success. learnt a lot these days and found great people as friends, colleagues and juniors 2 wrk with...


  1. It was a wonderfully staged play, clearly showing the hard work and the struggle put in to stage it. It was mind blowing and congratulations to you and your team for its grand success! Cheers to you!!

  2. thanx. feel gud 2 hear that, n i wud hav been glad to see a name flashn here in place of the anonymous tag,,, nevermind:)

  3. you know,while working on this play along with our team,it was always in my mind that to make this play possible is itself a difficult and challenging task..but as those obstacles were coming toward us..my determination were getting stronger and stronger.As this play ended,and got a great response from the audience,all those incidents or obstacles started coming back to my mind,it was hard for me to control my emotions..i just went to the upstairs of gandhi auditorium and there,my eyes were full with tears..these were the tears which i controlled at that time when things were not in our favour..but finally on that day,it came out..i was there for up to 5 minutes..and when i came downstairs, the head of cultural bureau told me that " gazal was fab & after this play,i am big fan of her"..these words brought smile back on my face.finally our all those hard work,efforts of our whole team got appreciations and glorious response.
    it was really great experience for me to be the part of this team...would always remember 'naxal-love survives.'

  4. hey mam u really r a great actress.....
    u made ppl cry,ur acting ws quite natural and that shows ur deep involvement wd "NAXAL"