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Monday, September 7, 2015

What of me can You conquer?

You can conquer my body, my words, yes even my thoughts.

Centuries back, there was a different Europe. And due to its achievements in modern state, scientific revolution, and industrial revolution, it considered itself 'dynamic' and the rest of the world as 'incapable of change'. And so it wished to 'breathe life' into these countries, claiming to understand them, their languages, their histories better than they themselves could hope to.

This is also a form of conquest. it is the conquest of the processes by which people understand themselves, and find their peace.

Don't try to conquer me, through my body, my words, or even my thoughts.
Conquer me, by that smile on your face, that fire in your eyes and that touch on my hand, which still thrill me with your magic.
For,then even in the conquering, You shall set me free.

P.S: As Tagore said, "There is only one difference between SLAVERY AND LOVE, that SLAVERY IS BONDAGE, and LOVE SETS YOU FREE."
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  1. Beautiful, love is the one that sets us free with a beautiful bond.

    1. i hope, if there exists such a bond, it only leads us to freedom, and not enslave our mind n body further.. I pray.

  2. How? Like How do you manage to come up with these analogies? I mean just the sheer brilliance of how you think is enough for me to go wow!!

  3. Its really mesmerizing experience to GROW through your posts. Keep it up.