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Bagh-e-Bahisht Se Mujhe Hukam-e-Safar Diya Tha Kyun Kaar-e-Jahan Daraz Hai, Ab Mera Intezar Kar                      - Mohammad...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My sanity.
Does not mean.
That I had been untouched by evil.
Or that the malice prevailing on the earth,
had not striked here...

It just means.
That I,
did not let it adhere...

And there is sanity in my heart.
As long as 'My Lord' dwells here.
And He shall desert me never...

Thursday, October 21, 2010


My forgiveness.
Does not mean.
That I have forgotten those tears.
Or those scars on my soul;
Do not bleed today...

It just means.

That the right to scar or to heal;

I had bestowed upon You,

I take away...

I Forgive You.
Not because You went on with the 'devil' inside.

But because, I still follow the 'Angel' in me...

Thursday, October 7, 2010


It was 'our' Festival.
'We' created.
'We' would nurture...
'We' would live its each moment...

It was 'our' festival.
To dawn upon 'Us' each year.
It was 'our' laughter.
'Our' Mirth.
'Our' belief...

It was 'our' festival.
And it dawns yet again.
But this time.
I stand here incomplete.
In the same air, the same ambience...
Under the same sky.
I wonder what has changed.
And Why....

All these years.
'WE' defined the festival.
The festival defines 'US'....