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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Creation and God.

...sometimes search itself
becomes some destination.
creation creates 
God smiles.
...and then one day humanity hope and belief
are made into meaningless lifeless objects
creation destroys
God smiles.

may you know one day.
what you chose for your comfort
will stay with you in this life.
may it stay.
what you left, was real.
so it will die with someone silently, calm
to be born in a next life
a next world.
but from you forever away.
but from you forever away.


(p.s: as i write this, a song stirs me up
a song really close)
"Qadam badha le;Hadon ko mita le,
Aaja khaalipan mein, Pi ka ghar tera.
Tere bin khaali aaja khaalipan mein"

(may you fill this void, the abode of your Beloved.
Its empty without you, come fill this void.)
"Tu hai mujh mein samaaya;Kahaan leke mujhe aaya.
Main hoon tujh mein samaaya
Tere peeche chala aaya,
Tere hi main ik saaya."
(You live within me, and now,
where have You brought me?
I live in You,
I have only followed You,
I am but Your shadow.)

Creation seeks answers.
God smiles.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

No court to appeal

It is not that it died.
I know it had to.
For everything everyone has to one day.
Death is the truth which sustains life itself.

But that, it died so soon.
But that You killed it.
But that, I was away unaware when You did.
But that I had faith in it, faith that it would live.
Live more.

But that You killed it.
And I know no court to appeal.