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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Dream...

There was a time,
When i would dream of it at night,
and get up from my bed
in fear
in destitude
in desperation
and never sleep again for the fear of dreaming it again..
and then one day, it happenned....

There was a time,
when I would wander in lunacy and sleeplessness,
and find myself asleep at benches,
and on the corridorr stairs...

There was a time,
when I would walk out from home for work,
and find myself at the temple,
and on empty roads...
which we had once traversed together...

And then came a moment...

which changed everything...

It smothered me with its footsteps.
It burned me in its furnace.
and killed the 'that' in me,
which had taught me
To live
To dream
To fly...

I do not sleep at night.
'My Dream' does not let me...

I have learnt now
Dream was not what i would see in sleep,
Dream is what does not let me sleep....