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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Have you heard the silence of the air...

कि चल आज ले चल मुझे इस शहर से परे , 
कुछ पहाड़ों में डूबूं ...
की चल दूर हर एक डगर से,कहीं जा
समन्दरों पर चढ़ूँ फिर...  
खुली फिर हवा में 
मुझे साथ तेरे 
गगन को चुराना...

मै सोया नहीं हूँ बहुत दिन से थक कर 
मै रोया नहीं हूँ,बहुत दिन से मै घर 
गया भी नहीं हूँ 
मै पिघला नहीं हूँ बहुत दिन से मुझमे 
जमा तू हुआ है.. 

मै ऐसा करूँ क्या,जो खो जाऊं इस ख़ूबसूरत जहाँ में 
जो मिल जाऊ खुद को किसी आसमां में
मै ऐसा करूँ क्या? मै क्या जीत जाऊं? 
जो हर शख्स अपना-सा लगने लगे फिर... 
ये जग रक्स करता-सा लगने लगे फिर...
photograph credits: Mayank Mediratta


  1. bahut sudar rachna:) desires of an innocent heart

  2. wow...didnt kno u cud master the words in Hindi too

    Reading this took me from one thought to another...wonder what was going on in your mind

    from the beauty of being alone, to the pain of being alone...to being away from the familiar sky of home...to wanting to be alone...lost, losing yourself, wanting to lose yourself

    1. Thanks. it is an effort of losing myself in these efforts I make each day, in this morning i wake up to everyday, in solitude, in the music of this world... may be then i wud be able to find me. or may be it is nothing, but just another effort to find a went, to talk, to cry, to... there;s that song from the movie rockstar... "ab mujhko bhi ho deedaar mera, kar de mujhe, mujh se hi rihaaa.. kun fayaaa.." just that feeling

  3. Replies
    1. what to do:)... sometimes my mind talks to me in hindi, the other times in english... so long as it talks.. I am here to stay:)