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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

You do not die...

Dear Dr. Kalam,

I write this today, and I believe that wherever You are now, my words can reach you. I write this because I am not able to hold it. And I know those millions of children like me whose life you touched unknowingly, even without any physical or in some cases digital glimpse, would want to write to you something similar.

I just finished reading what your close aide  Mr. Srijan Pal Singh, who accompanied you in your travel wrote about you, remembering you, your worries about the nation and humanity at large. Well I never got a chance to know you by your revered presence. For me your presence lay in those books you wrote, the books I loved to read, and gifted many of them to my father on his birthdays. Because he is the one who had introduced you to me and my world. He would tell me about your struggles as a child, and how you went on to overcome them to become what you did.

And I still read them Sir, every time I fail, every time I am dejected. All those words of yours, about life , God and incessant effort are very much alive Sir. And you know why they can't ever die? Because you infused immortal life in them, by being what you said, by being that living example of incessant effort.

 "Failure can never overtake me, if my definition to succeed is strong enough", you once said. And when eventually they came- failures, you accepted them with all your humility, smiling through them and telling them, "you came because life wanted to stretch me to my fullest potential, of which I myself was not aware." You embraced them, took responsibility for them, and told them that they might have been big failures, but the human in you was bigger. And despite all this, the simplicity and humility you reflected made you even bigger.

Its said that love transcends all dimensions of space and time. Your love for students and our love for you, as a mentor and above it as that big yet humble human being you were, will transcend these ephemeral boundaries of life and death one day. 

I remember you once came to my college, and the hall was so full I couldn't get a glimpse of you. I came back thinking that someday I will. Yes.
The universe curves, time bends.
We'll meet there someday sir.
That day, I'll look in your eye, and tell you how much you have meant to me, and to millions of those like me, who never met you in this three dimensional world.

But before that there is work to be finished. There are dreams to be fulfilled. And as I do that, your inspiration lives on Sir.
It does not die. And it does not let me die either, no matter what. You do not die Sir.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Become the storm...

When its been enough, and you're dying,fading, and blue.
And storms engulf you from all sides,all dimensions,
bringing everything you ever feared true.

Don't fear the storms anymore
Become one.
Rise, burst, magnify..
And don't stop,till you are done.

photograph borrowed from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/407927678724862533/

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The vow.

वो खत बारिशों-से बरसते तो होंगे...
हाँ, अलग मंज़िलें हैं; हाँ, फासले हैं 
मगर मेरे जैसे, तेरे रस्ते तो होंगे...
क्या तू आज भी, साहिलों की खोज में, फिर बेचैन हुआ है?
क्या फिर तेरे अंदर, बिन आवाज़ आहट के कुछ टूटा है?
मै झंझोरती, तू अगर पास होता...
मै फिर जोड़ती गर, तू  विश्वास होता। 

मगर छू नहीं सकती, तू है हवा-सा, तू रुकता कहाँ है?
तू एहसास है पर, बस एहसास 
और एहसास रब-सा, झुकता कहाँ है ? 

तू तो उजालों-सा बिखरा हुआ है मेरे शहर में 
नहीं बस मगर है,मेरे साथ हमदम,तू मेरे घर में 
जो होता यहाँ तू, तो घर मेरा मंदिर-सा मस्जिद-सा सजता

मगर घर का क्या है 
तू अंदर बसा है 
मैं इन रास्तों में 
तुझे ढूंढ लूंगा 
झंझोर दूंगा 
तुझे जोड़ दूंगा। 

मै गहराइयों में 
मै  ऊचाइयों में 
मै नींदों में अपनी 
पुकारूँगा जब जब 
तू आएगा तब तब , 
नमी -सा, हँसी -सा 
फिर आँखें मूँद लूंगा। 
photograph borrowed from  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/202873158191047564/